Handling legal disputes in the Bay Area since 1995



I handle many kinds of civil disputes including,

  • business contract and fiduciary disputes
  • construction defects
  • insurance coverage
  • real property disputes
  • trust and estate litigation.

My goal is to end your dispute as much in your favor as possible, as efficiently as possible. If the case merits going all the way through trial, we can do that. If you should take the best deal you can and just end the fight as quickly as possible, I will tell you that.  The most common advice I give to individuals and small businesses considering litigation is “you probably shouldn’t do that.”

Big businesses with in-house counsel and litigation budget are quite at home in legal disputes. My clients – small businesses and individuals —typically are not. Often the issue I handle is a client’s first serious legal dispute. So a good part of my job, and one that I enjoy, is explaining to my clients exactly what is going on at each step and making sure they understand their options for moving forwards or pressing for resolution.